Conflict is a normal part of life. We experience conflict at work, at school, between partners, with our kids, with our parents, between teachers and students. How we deal with this conflict determines our very lives as conflict can have significant implications depending on how they are managed. It can destroy relationships, friendships, and communities. The stress caused by unresolved conflict can also have a negative impact on a person's health and life in general. If dealt with in a proactive and objective method it can enhance relationships, workplace productivity, and our very outlook on life. Mediation provides a safe setting with professional help in which disagreements can be openly discussed and resolved. Although the past is important and issues from the past must be dealt with the focus of mediation is to determine how the parties will live in the present and head into the future.

"It's a terrible and tragic and counterproductive policy to avoid communicating with people who disagree with us." - Jimmy Carter